Summer 2013 Newsletter (Part 4) :: Get Hot & Horny w/ WAY MORE Sexy Japanese Products!

All New, Recently Stocked Japanese Sex Toys for Summer 2013!

Konnichiwa and Greetings once again from Tokyo Sex Dolls! The summer may be coming to an end, but not if we can help it. Our goal is to keep you so hot and horny (Japanese style), the intense sexual vibes will ignite an Indian Summer! These latest products, for Men and Women, are just a sampling of what we offer inside our full site. Whatever your naughty needs, Japan definitely has something for you to spice things up in true ecchi fashion. See you soon! Mata ne~ <3 -Tokyo Sex Dolls Webmaster

Loli Kupa
Embracing the look of virginal innocence, this onahole resembles a bent over schoolgirl teen (the lower half, of course). Enter her tight, ribbed passage from behind!
Rorirori Calligrapher Onahole
She’s a gorgeous Japanese girl learning traditional calligraphy. On the outside, she seems prim and proper, but …as she has now come of age, a secret desire aches to be explored.
Hairy Japanese Pussy Set
Go natural with this triple pack of bushy masturbator onaholes. A great gift for those with a fetish for Japanese girls letting their pubic hair run wild.
Ero Mask Face Strap-on Dildo
Become a perverted Japanese super-hero/heroine. A harness probe for your chin or forehead. You can get really creative in the bedroom with this one!
Onashee Monster G Masturbation Sheet
You control the grip! Take matters into your own hands and tighten or loosen the pressure around your penis. Stroke away to your wildest hentai fantasies!
Giant Sujihyoe Dildo
This is one monster cock that means business. Plant him down on your desired surface (hard surfaces are best) using powerful the suction cup. He’s guaranteed to stand erect and at attention for you!
New Lubes & Smell Lotions
Kuma-san Honey Lotion
For the sweet-loving, naughty bears out there! Add the sweet kiss of honey lotion to your oral activities.
Japanese Schoolgirl Sports Club Shojo Aroma Bottle
The incredible aroma of Japanese girls bottled for spritzing on panties, bras, shirts and anything else you might want to add the alluring scent of shoujo.
Taka Kato Original Pheromone for Men
Named after the most famous Male Porn Star, Taka Kato. Looking for a new scent/cologne to get the ladies flocking in your direction? Try Kato’s scent and get ready for action!

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Summer 2013 Newsletter (Part 3) :: Get Hot & Horny w/ EVEN MORE Sexy Japanese Products!

All New Products! EVEN MORE Adult Toys from Japan for Summer 2013!

Konnichiwa, my horny friends! Did you miss me? I told you I’d be back with more bawdy delights from Japan. This is our third installment of our Summer 2013 Newsletter. Based on the feedback I’ve been receiving, you guys LOVE these little “product peeks”, so I’m more than happy to oblige. Have a look at our newest adult toy goodies (for Men and Women) and then step inside our online shop. It just keeps getting bigger and better all the time! See you there <3

Super Sonico Cover Hug Pillow 2
Incredible hug pillow girl with touch-able ass. Curl-up and cuddle-up with these curvy Manga-land babes!
Pleasure Hills Onahole
A tight tunnel of summer love! It has pleasure nubs to tantalize every nerve in your pulsating erection. Slip inside this tight babe!
New Stella Strapless Vibrator Melody
Pleasure in her panties wherever she goes. Getting off while on-the-go has never been like this. Orgasm in public …it’s your little secret!
O-oku Inner Yotsumeya
Buttocks and a hole. What more can you ask? Caress her buttocks, grab them tight. Insert your penis and take a wild ride.
Japanese Girl Perfume Smell Aroma Lotion
That charming scent can be yours. Enjoy the aroma of young Japanese teens, wherever …whenever you wish.
Love Venus Japanese Men’s Body Plush Doll
Enjoy a Japanese guy’s body. Plush masculinity that’s soft and hard in your curious hands.

More Top Adult Arrivals

Kurea Hasumi Plus
The JAV porn star’s pussy in your hand. Inspired by the actual idol, Kurea Hasumi-chan. A MUST BUY for her fans!
Great Husband Dildo Vibrator
For those times when you need a (big) hubby! Monstrous and mean: just how you like it.
Pan Pan Panties 2 Smell Spray Set
Schoolgirl panties for smell fetishists everywhere. Entice your libido using one of the human body’s most sensitive senses. *sniff sniff*

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Summer 2013 Newsletter (Part 2) :: Get Hot & Horny w/ MORE Sexy Japanese Products!

All New Products! MORE Adult Toys from Japan for Summer 2013!

Konnichiwa, EVERYONE <3!

Have you been enjoying your summer so far? I certainly have. I’ve been keeping myself ever-so-busy scouring Japan’s adult toy industry for the wildest products to feature here at In this newsletter, we have just a sampling of naughty items to whet your appetite. Got a fetish for chunky Japanese girls? What about a tantalizing electric butt plug to really send shivers all over your body? Whatever your preference, we’ve got something special for your raunchiest of sexual desires. Have a peek at our latest items and come on over to our online store for thousands more, mind-blowing Japanese sex toys (for Men and Women)!

A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator
The R1 Base Unit series by Rends just got even better!
Debu-topia Ugly Girls Onahole
Since chubby girls make for surprisingly good partners. This is one item for the fellas who like their Japanese girls with that X-TRA added love.
Melody Bloomers
Cute panties with a special pocket for a vibrator. Girls: get off discreetly wearing these comfy gym shorts!
Girlfriend Arina Sakita JAV Masturbator
Clone onahole based on this gorgeous Japanese porn star. MUST BUY!
Electric Butt Plug Uno
Don’t neglect the backdoor! Give this black beauty a try by introducing him to your tightest of holes!
Chokaikan Anal Sensei Masturbator
Experience a sexy teacher’s anal hole. This is one Sex Ed lesson that’s “hands-on”!
Sets & Bundles
Schoolgirl Nama Panties Set 4
“Raw” used panties galore! Straight from real Japanese girls’ crotches. Induldge in one of Japan’s coveted perversions.
Fella Set
As many blow-job toys as you could ever hope for, this fellatio sucker will please your penis in ways you’ve never felt!
Usahane Air Doll Super Set
Cult favorite anime idol doll and costume. A perfect gift for your Japanophile friend.

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Summer 2013 Newsletter (Part 1) :: Get Hot & Horny w/ These Sexy Japanese Products!

May your summer days be hot; your summer nights even hotter …

Coming at you, straight from Japan with some summer-themed, sexy products you’re assured to find *ahem* orgasmic! This is only a sampling of what we have inside our online sextoy shop. We’d love to have you stop by and check out all our scintillating goodies. Have an incredible Summer and don’t forget to stop on over!

Naked Bikini Pool Challenge
If you have a thing for bikinis, then feast your eyes on these bodacious Japanese summer bunnies…
Tenga Summer Set
Cool Edition Onacups and Tenga Eggs bundle! How could you go wrong with masturbation eggs (on any season)?
Tenga Special Cool Edition Onacups
Cooling menthol deep-throat sensations. Tenga does it best. It’s hot as hell out there, so treat your penis to some soothing splendor with these onacups.
Splash Cool Mint Gel
Since lube should be both stimulating and cooling, catch an incredible thrill with this awesome gel.
Water Screw
Perfect for sassy-wet fun in the shower. Try it out!
Summer All-Nude Water Sex Contest
An army gorgeous Japanese bikini babes. Water. Sex. Sheer summer heaven with plenty of naughtiness!

:: New Adult Arrivals ::

Peropero Tongue Vibrator
Let this buzzing licker take you to new stratospheres
Kakusei Ring Tonton
Pleasure for him and her at the same time. Attach to your penis and let the good times roll!
Aura III
Funky rectangular masturbator with vacuum suction!


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My Wife (Type G) Foam Doll :: Japanese Plush Love Doll!

Today we’d love to introduce you to this exquisite Japanese plush love doll companion from Dekunoboo. My Wife (Type G), brings complete pleasure to your fantasies with specially-designed features for lovemaking and/or roleplaying. The soft companion’s body is quite flexible and customizable (as you’ll see). By default, My Wife (Type G) foam doll is an anatomically correct female with intriguing curves that beg to be gripped. Also notice her full breasts with erect nipples that long for for your caress.


My Wife (Type G) Plush Love Doll Companion w/ MIRAI Head!

Adding to the experience, you may optionally choose a doll head for the My Wife (Type G) companion. Pictured above is the bright-eyed, adorable MIRAI. Oh, and don’t forget to select from our recommended onaholes which will fit your new wife! Your first-time of intimacy with her will be even more sensational with the perfect vagina fitted for her body.

Just some of My Wife (Type G) features include:

– MIRAI or NATSUNE Head (optional)

– Height: about 90cm (35.4″)

– Bust: about 80cm (31.5″)

– Waist: about 48cm (18.9″)

– Hips: about 96cm (37.8″)

– Weight: about 2kg (70.5″)

For more information and customization options, please visit our retail page at the following link. Thanks for stopping by!

BUY My Wife (Type G) Japanese Foam Doll Companion!

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Airy-Doll :: Kawaii Cosplay Blow Up Dolls :: Schoolgirl, Nurse and Maid!

airy-doll-mini-blow-up-cosplay-doll-2Oh-so precious and petite! These kawaii air dolls were made with the intent to provide quick sexual pleasure without the fuss. Their soft, inflatable bodies allow them to easily be positioned and manipulated as you please. Just add air and these bouncy, big-eyed girls will come to life.


Collect them all: These lonely girls need a home and master. Will you be the one to take them in?

We have three wildly popular cosplay models: the innocent, pigtailed Schoolgirl who wants her “first time” to be with you; the gorgeous and naughty Nurse who shall soothe all your ailments; and the submissive Maid who will work night and day to see that your domestic needs are met to the fullest.

What will you do once you collect all three? You’ll definitely be busy with these adorable girls vying for your love and attention all the time. Bring them home today. For more details and purchase of these cuties, please visit our online shop!

BUY Airy Doll Blow-Up Doll :: JK, Maid, Nurse Cosplay Air Doll!

:: Other Products You Might Like ::


Love Body Kumi :: Japanese Blow-Up Babe Doll


Air Doll Azusa :: Doggy Style Blow-Up Doll Dutch Wife


Love Body Aki Air Doll :: Japanese Blow-up Sex Doll Onahole Set

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