Airy-Doll :: Kawaii Cosplay Blow Up Dolls :: Schoolgirl, Nurse and Maid!

airy-doll-mini-blow-up-cosplay-doll-2Oh-so precious and petite! These kawaii air dolls were made with the intent to provide quick sexual pleasure without the fuss. Their soft, inflatable bodies allow them to easily be positioned and manipulated as you please. Just add air and these bouncy, big-eyed girls will come to life.


Collect them all: These lonely girls need a home and master. Will you be the one to take them in?

We have three wildly popular cosplay models: the innocent, pigtailed Schoolgirl who wants her “first time” to be with you; the gorgeous and naughty Nurse who shall soothe all your ailments; and the submissive Maid who will work night and day to see that your domestic needs are met to the fullest.

What will you do once you collect all three? You’ll definitely be busy with these adorable girls vying for your love and attention all the time. Bring them home today. For more details and purchase of these cuties, please visit our online shop!

BUY Airy Doll Blow-Up Doll :: JK, Maid, Nurse Cosplay Air Doll!

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