Huggable Japanese Teen Cutie :: Gyutte Shite Oniichan Virgin Air Doll!


She’s an inflatable love doll and a hug pillow. Take her into your arms, squeeze her tight and never let her go. Mmmmm!

Just add air and let the fun begin. Springing out of the box and into your arms is this oh-so-huggable youthful beauty: Gyutte Shite Oniichan Virgin Air Doll!

Her wonderful anime illustration is replete with all the “special details” a petite Japanese doll like her should have: the blossoming, yet undersized breasts; peachy-toned, soft skin; dreamy eyes that speak of pure innocence and modesty; playful cat ears atop her head and a stylish haircut denoting Akihabara and cosplay; a smooth vagina with no trace of pubic hair (aka paipan in Japanese language). There’s one thing we left out, though …don’t forget to add your very own onahole!

BUY Gyutte Shite Oniichan Virgin Air Doll!

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