Ange Bihaku: State of the art Japanese Real Doll!

“Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?”

4 New head piece and wig sets adding variety to personal taste.

If you find yourself gazing in wonderment at these lifelike dolls, you’re not alone. As the world treks headlong into the 21st century, technology is seemingly one step ahead—often introducing us to sheer brilliance and innovation. Orient Industry has once again outdone itself and improved their best-selling model, Ange! In addition to adding a wider selection of gorgeous faces, they have created a sister model with pure, milky skin: Ange Bihaku (beauty skin).

Grip-style body: Just one of Ange Dolls many natural/posable positions.

Many Japanese men are fond of skin tones that are light and creamy, likening it to purity and innocence. It is also common for some Japanese girls to avoid taking much sun so that their skin stays light and vibrant. As we can see for both sexes, there’s an attraction to being fair-skinned. The new Ange Bihaku model not only reflects this popular Japanese taste, Orient Industry promises that both models offer the most sensual experience yet.

Being fully customizable and anatomically correct is only a small part of a much larger picture. Orient Industry has made it their mission to develop dolls that will provide you with years of lasting companionship. A thoughtful gesture in marking the beginning of your new relationship, every doll comes with an Anniversary Ring. For more detailed information about purchasing, kindly visit our international retailer of erotic Japanese toys and products.

Ange Love Doll Showcase

ange japanese love doll showcase05

“Saori” Model :: Creamy skin that is fair and pure. 100% Silicon body.

ange japanese love doll showcase04

ange japanese love doll showcase03

ange japanese love doll showcase02

ange japanese love doll showcase01

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2 Responses to Ange Bihaku: State of the art Japanese Real Doll!

  1. van October 12, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    hi,could you tell me the price.

  2. ドールマン December 25, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Hello Van, and thank you for your question!
    The Ange Bihaku Love Doll is listed at US$ 8,850. Please be aware that you can also customize the look (example: hairstyle, head, skin tone, breast size) any doll of your choice. These dolls are made with a lot of care and detail. Ideally, our goal is to present you with a love companion that lasts for a lifetime.
    Please see more info at our Ange Bihaku product page.
    Thanks again!