Japanese Love Doll “Lala Doll Series”!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I regret to inform you that I have just learned that the “Lala Doll Series” will be discontinued as of April 1st, 2013. Reports are that Orient Industry (the manufacturer) has only cited “various reasons” for the halt in production. I hope this is an April Fools Joke (turns out it wasn’t), but only time will tell. If you have been thinking about purchasing one of these beautifully crafted dolls, now is the time to act. Orient Industry also has stated that once they run out of stock, that is it. Going forward, I shall leave this posted as an homage to one of their finest creations and highly-sought-after, petite love companions. Rest in peace, sweet “Lala Dolls” <3

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TokyoSexDolls Admin (ドールマン)

She’s petite, innocent and absolutely adorable. The Lala Doll is a petite bundle of joy replete with a plush body that craves to be cuddled and hugged. One of Orient Industry’s most popular dolls for not only the cost, but for LaLa’s convenient, light-weight flexibility and uncompromising human-likeness when compared to larger, premium models such as Ange/Ange Bihaku Real Doll.


LaLa Doll has several custom hairstyles and expressive faces to choose from!

As with all the love dolls crafted by Orient Industry, Lala Doll can be customized to suit your specific tastes, ensuring your dreamgirl is made a reality. We are honored to be a certified retailer of these incredible love companions and invite you to find out more about our full-scale line of beautiful Japanese plush sex-dolls.

“Lala Doll” Sample Showcase

lala japanese love doll showcase01

Sitting anxiously, she awaits your return home.

lala japanese love doll showcase02

Rin’s soft, plush body is huggable and loveable as can be <3

lala japanese love doll showcase03

Beautiful, intricate and innocent. High attention to detail makes Lala Doll “Miku” spring to life.

lala japanese love doll showcase04

Snuggle with your very own Lala Love Doll for years to come.

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