Japanese Teen Pussy Spray :: Bottled Vagina Scent!

japanese-teen-pussy-smell-bottle-sprayIf only you could have it in a bottle. Wait …You can! The youthful scent of fresh Japanese teen pussy has been encapsulated in a discreet perfume bottle, ready to be applied to anything that suits your fetish desires: especially fun when spritzed onto panties, bras or schoolgirl t-shirts (which are also available via at our online toy shop). A wonderful addition to any kinky fantasy, bringing the sense of “smell” to new levels of sexual joy. Be sure to get your hands on this “must have” hentai item before they run out!

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Meiki Sarah Masturbator :: JAV Bombshell Onahole!


Sarah is here! Enjoy a wild ride with one of the hottest onaholes/meiki vaginas on the market.

Just like the legendary Maria Ozawa Meiki, the insatiable JAV actress Sarah has a specially-made onahole for the male sextoy market. Known for her exotic half-Brazilian, half-Japanese features, Sarah is adored by legions of JAV enthusiasts worldwide.

This “inspired” sex toy (re-created to capture Sarah’s pristine pussy) is guaranteed to aid you in rendering the most vivid and erotic of fantasies as you grip Sarah and enter her tight vagina. Cast your inhibitions aside and prepare to let loose with this gorgeous hand-held Japanese babe. Your penis will thank you infinitesimally!

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Sujiman Kuba Onahole :: Tight Japanese Virgin Mastrubator!


“This is a very durable and well-crafted masturbator that feels just like you are pushing yourself into a Japanese virginal pussy.”

Extra brainstorming and some love went into the making of this tight little pleasure toy! Sujiman Kuba onahole packs a double-pleaure punch: her external design has a smooth, fleshy outside while her inside contains that soft, narrow vaginal cavern (hinting at her virginal qualities) that will send erotic shivers across your whole body.

Adding to your very own adult fantasy, Sujiman Kuba also comes with a postcard that will undoubtedly add that certain kawaii-ness of a Japanese teen girl longing for your touch and her “first time”. Gently now …

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Atsuko Maeda AKB48 “Acchan Kojiri” Onahole and Panties Set!


The one Atsuko Maeda (AKB48) onahole to rule them all?

Let’s face facts: we’ll probably never have the gorgeous former AKB48 starlet to ourselves, but we can fantasize until the cows come home with this kinky onahole. Fashioned (unofficially) in Atsuko’s likeness, you’ll have a full, rear-entry position for you penile pleasures. She’s petite and tight, but have no fear, we’ve got a little love lotion to ease the penetration. Equipped with a bonus pair of panties, imagine ogling her teen booty then slowly peeling off her silken undergarments to expose her wet vagina and winking buttonhole. Mmmm!

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Young Virgin Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Onahole :: Male Masturbator!


Japanese teen virgin onahole toy. Let her “first time” be with you!

Super kawaii, flat-chested, youthful and pure innocence are just some of the enticing attributes of this awesome pleasure toy. She has been carefully made, replete with a milky-smooth body, tight, virgin-inspired vagina that will tantalize your penis with incredible sensations many times over. Just like her sister model, Tsurupeta Station Teen onahole toys are a perfect choice for that popping-her-cherry experience. Enter her snug hole, but be gentle …feel the ribbed nubs stimulate your member as you move in and out. This Japanese teen will never forget her first time with you.

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Japanese Virgin Meiki Aoi Chihiro :: Sex Toy for Men!

virgin-meiki-aoi-chihiroWe all remember our first time. And this deluxe onahole has been designed to create the sensation of deflowering a virgin. The realistic Virgin Meiki Aoi Chihiro comes with a hymen and red vaginal passage, as well as hips for gripping.

The red lotion inside re-creates the sensation of blood (popped cherry) seeping out after penetration. And if you’re feeling in the mood for some flexible anal action, Aoi has a second hole just for you. Have the perfect first-time experience over and over again with tender Aoi Chihiro. Grab hold and slide in to this sexy Japanese dreamgirl!

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