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Airy-Doll :: Kawaii Cosplay Blow Up Dolls :: Schoolgirl, Nurse and Maid!

airy-doll-mini-blow-up-cosplay-doll-2Oh-so precious and petite! These kawaii air dolls were made with the intent to provide quick sexual pleasure without the fuss. Their soft, inflatable bodies allow them to easily be positioned and manipulated as you please. Just add air and these bouncy, big-eyed girls will come to life.


Collect them all: These lonely girls need a home and master. Will you be the one to take them in?

We have three wildly popular cosplay models: the innocent, pigtailed Schoolgirl who wants her “first time” to be with you; the gorgeous and naughty Nurse who shall soothe all your ailments; and the submissive Maid who will work night and day to see that your domestic needs are met to the fullest.

What will you do once you collect all three? You’ll definitely be busy with these adorable girls vying for your love and attention all the time. Bring them home today. For more details and purchase of these cuties, please visit our online shop!

BUY Airy Doll Blow-Up Doll :: JK, Maid, Nurse Cosplay Air Doll!

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Sweet Pepper Onahole Masturbator and Schoolgirl Panties Set!


Cute as a button: Sweet Pepper is a tight, little Japanese schoolgirl onahole, packed with panties and special lotion.

Japanese schoolgirls and panty fetish: these two are practically synonymous. Where there is a pair of sexy, silken-white, slender legs, we often can’t help but have our eyes lured upwards, following her teenage contours. We arrive to catch a peek of tight underwear, hugging her cute little butt from under a plaid skirt. Pure visual ecchi bliss achieved!

The Sweet Pepper set comes with a pair of scented schoolgirl panties, lotion and a snug onahole that gives you further stimulation by allowing you to grip her as you please. By doing so, you’ll be able to actively tease and tantalize your penis with various pressure sensations, making the whole fantasy even more exhilarating. Try this little toy and be simply amazed!

BUY Sweet Pepper Onahole & Schoolgirl Panties Set!

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Huggable Japanese Teen Cutie :: Gyutte Shite Oniichan Virgin Air Doll!


She’s an inflatable love doll and a hug pillow. Take her into your arms, squeeze her tight and never let her go. Mmmmm!

Just add air and let the fun begin. Springing out of the box and into your arms is this oh-so-huggable youthful beauty: Gyutte Shite Oniichan Virgin Air Doll!

Her wonderful anime illustration is replete with all the “special details” a petite Japanese doll like her should have: the blossoming, yet undersized breasts; peachy-toned, soft skin; dreamy eyes that speak of pure innocence and modesty; playful cat ears atop her head and a stylish haircut denoting Akihabara and cosplay; a smooth vagina with no trace of pubic hair (aka paipan in Japanese language). There’s one thing we left out, though …don’t forget to add your very own onahole!

BUY Gyutte Shite Oniichan Virgin Air Doll!

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Sujiman Kuba Onahole :: Tight Japanese Virgin Mastrubator!


“This is a very durable and well-crafted masturbator that feels just like you are pushing yourself into a Japanese virginal pussy.”

Extra brainstorming and some love went into the making of this tight little pleasure toy! Sujiman Kuba onahole packs a double-pleaure punch: her external design has a smooth, fleshy outside while her inside contains that soft, narrow vaginal cavern (hinting at her virginal qualities) that will send erotic shivers across your whole body.

Adding to your very own adult fantasy, Sujiman Kuba also comes with a postcard that will undoubtedly add that certain kawaii-ness of a Japanese teen girl longing for your touch and her “first time”. Gently now …

BUY Sujiman Kuba Onahole :: Japanese Virgin Masturbator!

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Young Virgin Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Onahole :: Male Masturbator!


Japanese teen virgin onahole toy. Let her “first time” be with you!

Super kawaii, flat-chested, youthful and pure innocence are just some of the enticing attributes of this awesome pleasure toy. She has been carefully made, replete with a milky-smooth body, tight, virgin-inspired vagina that will tantalize your penis with incredible sensations many times over. Just like her sister model, Tsurupeta Station Teen onahole toys are a perfect choice for that popping-her-cherry experience. Enter her snug hole, but be gentle …feel the ribbed nubs stimulate your member as you move in and out. This Japanese teen will never forget her first time with you.

BUY Station Teen Tsurupeta Girl Laborator Onahole!

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Station Teen Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Onahole :: Male Masturbator!

tsurupeta-flat-chested-japanese-girl-station-1tsurupeta-flat-chested-japanese-girl-station-2This darling angel of an onahole is one for those that adore that, shall we say, youthful look. Tight and petite, this baby fits in the palm of your hand and resembles the torso of a Japanese teen girl. An added detail that makes this male sextoy stand out is the attention to the flat-chested (tsurupeta in Japanese), underdeveloped breasts. Any fellow will have one hell of a pleasure ride sliding in and out of this snug little hairless vagina. The Japanese and their devious sex toys!

BUY Station Teen Tsurupeta Girl Laboratory Onahole!

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