AKB48 Inspired Male Masturbator Onahole!

AKB48: Before they were famous Akihabara Japanese Idols, they were clean, unexplored and… waiting. Imagine Japanese teen girls, as new and refreshing as a misty spring shower.

AKB48 Virgin Idol Male Masturbator

AKB48 Virgin Idol Male Masturbator

Right now you can experience the pleasures of unsullied, precious idol innocence and purity with the AKD48 Pre-Release Onahole. Lined and padded with stimulating ribs the entire way and with a realistic g-spot mid-way point to grip, tighten and squeeze on your penis head as you push in deep, feel this Japanese teen idol writhe and tingle as she embraces your penetrating penis.
Don’t just watch and sit there thinking about it, LUBE UP that eager instrument in your pants and get completely ready. So, can you guess which AKB48 member was the inspiration for this sextoy?

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The AKB48 Girls dressed in their popular uniforms!


Cute AKB48 J-Bunnies Group Photo


Suggestive and Sexy Bikini Photo Shot w/ some members of AKB48

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