Himitsu Moe Vol. 1 :: Mizuki Tsundere Onahole Masturbator!

Himitsuhimitsu-moe-vol-1-mizuki-tsundere-idol Moe Vol. 1 (Secret Moe) highlights the tsundere demure delights of Mizuki, a fictional character loaded with charm and allure you’ll will want to work hard (yeah, really HARD, if you know what we mean) to win over this little cutie. In a full-penetration masturbation sleeve, non-vacuum design and style, this male masturbator also comes along with a vanilla flavor effect to simulate the feeling of a wet blow job from Hizuki-chan.
Oh la la! This should be a hot item for all the Otaku enthusiasts  out there! <3

BUY Himitsu Moe Vol.1 :: Mizuki Masturbator!

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