How-To :: Tenga Flip Hole (Black) Demo :: Hi-Tech Masturbator for Men!

Our gorgeous Japanese spokes-model, Mayura-chan, GAVE us (sorry everyone, the video was taken down) a splendid demo of how the Tenga Flip Hole (Black) works its wondrous magic. I love how, at first, she has no idea how to use the strange contraption, but as she delicately explores the sleek design, everything becomes rather intuitive. At first glance, I too, was a little baffled by the appearance. “So futuristic and deviously mysterious”, I kept thinking. The Tenga team has really outdone themselves this time. Creating male sextoys and onaholes with outside-the-box thinking is what they do best; the Flip Hole (Black) is no exception. In fact, it raises the bar in solo play masturbation. Check it out, guys!


Enter the cockpit and prepare to BLAST OFF with Tenga’s Flip Hole (Black): a super, hi-tech masturbator for men.

The glossy black outside, the 3 buttons across the top (to control tightness/pressure around your penis) and the absolutely insane-looking inside. Check out the attention to detail: all the intricate little nubs, bumps and abstract surfaces with names like “brushing edge”, “moving ball”, “end orb”. You may feel like you’re inserting your member into a spaceship from a sci-fi movie, but my-oh-my does it feel incredible. Your penis has never felt anything like this before. For more details and purchase info, check out our online boutique of Japanese sextoys!

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