Julia Plus Onahole :: JAV Star Clone Masturbator for Men!

julia-plus-porn-star-clone-onahole-1Japanese Pornstar in a box? Close, but not quite. It would be more than a dream come true if we could have the real Julia popping out to greet us, wouldn’t it? Well, this the next best thing, actually, so don’t fret! This hot new Japanese onahole is one adult toy to be reckoned with.

Japan is also on the cutting-edge when it comes to crafting life-like vagina molds of hot JAV (Japanese Adult Video) stars and Julia+ (Julia Plus) is no exception. Known for her stunning looks and phenomenal figure, many a man sexually desire this busty J-angel, so a product that could make that fantasy a reality is now here!


The Julia Plus Porn Onahole featues:

  • Based on JAV porn star Julia
  • Total length: around 180mm (7.1″)
  • Weight: around 700g (24.7 oz)
  • Non-air release hole masturbator
  • Includes bottle lotion

BUY Julia Plus Onahole :: JAV Star Clone Masturbator!

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