Sweet Pepper Onahole Masturbator and Schoolgirl Panties Set!


Cute as a button: Sweet Pepper is a tight, little Japanese schoolgirl onahole, packed with panties and special lotion.

Japanese schoolgirls and panty fetish: these two are practically synonymous. Where there is a pair of sexy, silken-white, slender legs, we often can’t help but have our eyes lured upwards, following her teenage contours. We arrive to catch a peek of tight underwear, hugging her cute little butt from under a plaid skirt. Pure visual ecchi bliss achieved!

The Sweet Pepper set comes with a pair of scented schoolgirl panties, lotion and a snug onahole that gives you further stimulation by allowing you to grip her as you please. By doing so, you’ll be able to actively tease and tantalize your penis with various pressure sensations, making the whole fantasy even more exhilarating. Try this little toy and be simply amazed!

BUY Sweet Pepper Onahole & Schoolgirl Panties Set!

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