Yuka Osawa :: JAV Anal Queen Onahole Gift Set!

Yuka Osawa (aka Elly Akira) is one of the most daring, do-anything JAV stars of all time. From performing straight-up, hardcore sex to being sexually probed by men in alien costumes, Yuka-chan rakes in fans with her intense prowess when in front of the lens.


Gift Pack includes: Yuka Model Anal Onahole Masturbator, Special Lotion and 240-minute Yuka Osawa Hardcore DVD!

A few things you might instantly notice about Yuka are her exotic features. This can be attributed to Yuka’s mixed heritage of Japanese and Middle-Eastern (half-Syrian). Often, JAV fans are drawn to her kawaii, heart-shaped face, her big, round eyes and even BIGGER behind. Simply decadent! She literally puts all the other girls to shame when it comes to the “perfect ass” contest. Now you can have one of Yuka’s prized parts all to yourself. Her tight anus is prepped and ready for your hard insertion. We’ve also added some extra goodies to the mix to make this a gift set any JAV enthusiast will love.

BUY Yuka Osawa :: JAV Anal Queen Onahole Gift Set!

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